414 Waterlily Way
3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths
Screened Porch, Patio
with Aluminum railings, and
outdoor Fireplace with gas
119 Schooner Bend Avenue
3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths
Expanded Patio w/ Pergola
and Aluminum railings
Del Webb Charleston, SC, Resale Homes For Sale by
Grayson Family Homes
of SC, Louie Carter, Broker
Property Listings
Louie G. Carter, SC and GA Broker
Licensed Builder in SC and GA
Grayson Family Homes of SC
116 Rivendell Drive
Anderson, SC, 29621
Email: graysonhms@aol.com
(706) 347-0424
Disclaimer:    Pulte and Del Webb Charleston are
copyrighted Service Marks of Pulte Homes, Inc.   Louie
Carter and Grayson Family Homes is an Independent Real
Estate Broker and is not affiliated with either.
As a recent former resident of Del Webb Charleston, with over 38
years of real estate and building experience, I can offer you unparalleled
guidance in all things
Del Webb, including the time saving process of
purchasing a resale, existing home with exceptional features, benefits
and upgrades already accomplished in them, at LESS COST than today's
offerings from the Builder.

The success of the Del Webb project has created a huge backlog of
construction activity and greatly increased the time it takes to get into a
new home.

We do acknowledge and congratulate their sales success, but the vast
reduction of previous upgrade incentive programs, the noticeable (to
those who live there) reduction and changes in standard features, and
the increased pricing for you to add back those features as "upgrades"
and other added features has actually created a higher end-cost for new
homes under construction at the present time.

Thus, exceptional savings can be found in the resale market over the
new construction process and offerings!

If you need a home in the short term, your best option is to consider an
existing home for sale. O
ur team can arrange a complete tour of
available resale homes and show you the upgraded items that you will
have to pay extra for today in the new home construction process.

While we do understand the desire and temptation to create your own,
unique building experience, the lack of flexibility in the Pulte business
model, whereby the Purchaser must conform to their strict policy of
whatsoever, can be a daunting and frustrating process as
well.  I know, because my wife and I endured that frustration ourselves
when we originally built.

Your choices for everything are strictly limited solely to what they, as
the Builder, offer.  As an example, the same color of paint is used on
both the walls and ceilings, and you cannot make any changes of this
until after you close on the house and take possession.  Anything else
that you may want differently can only be done after you close and take
possession as well.  If you want a different color of paint, among
numerous other possible interior features, you must hire someone after
you move in to get those things done.

We encourage you to consider the savings potential of purchasing an
existing home, most of which are move-in ready upon completing the
purchase process, rather than waiting five to six months...........

Del Webb Charleston is a wonderful place to live, and only an urgent
and serious family health issue caused my wife and I to leave there.  I
still have numerous friends at Del Webb, one of whom is also a fellow
Realtor that is now assisting me with helping people such as yourself
find the very best values for your money when relocating there. Give me
a call or drop me a note in the Contact Us link above.  You'll get the
straight scoop on what is currently for sale and how to get the most for
your money without the need to spend more on an new, builder home
that needs much work and effort to convert it into a true "home".

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